Aviator Play for Real Money at the Casino with Quick and Easy Withdrawal

Classic slot machines lack variety and strategic thinking, but the market for cash games is constantly expanding. In 2019 in the world of gambling entertainment there was a significant event - the game Aviator came to the market. The game has a complex system of interaction between players, gameplay that excites the coldest players and winnings in the form of odds on the bet placed. Aviator is fully controlled by artificial intelligence which excludes cheating. Honesty and openness are the main factors of the popularity of the project.

Pin-Up Casino

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+120% and 250 FS

1Win Casino

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1XBet Casino

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Mostbet Casino

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Play in Aviator on the official site for free or for real money

The official game Aviator for money managed to interest even the old-fashioned players, what to say about its appeal to newcomers. Thanks to the simplicity and honesty, which you can assess visually, the project is quite deservedly kept in the tops of gambling games. Realizing that not everyone is willing to risk their money on a project new to the gambling industry, the creators offer two types of games:

  • By visiting the site of one of the casinos, where the demo version of Aviator is officially presented, you can try your luck in the trial rounds without investing. You don't need to make a first deposit or risk your money in any way. By deciding to play for free, you can get the same user experience as the players who bet.
  • By checking out Pin Up, 1Win, Olimp, 1Xbet, Chillbet or Mostbet, players can play for money, thus testing their skill and luck.

The game is presented in many casinos, so you can choose where the most favorable conditions. However, unlike the free version, in the cash game you will need to bet and win.


Login and registration Aviator

The Aviator game is officially in the arsenal of many time-tested casinos such as Pin Up, 1Win, Olimp or Mostbet. In the relevant sections of our website you can learn more about the game itself, bonuses, promotions and payouts for each of the online institutions. The developers have made a bet on honesty, so you can learn literally everything about the game in Aviator, both from the player and from the system.

Registration on the sites where Aviator is officially represented is no different from registration on other resources. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the website of your favorite casino
  2. Come up with a login and password
  3. Confirm the data with an email or code from the SMS

Once the registration procedure is complete, you can try out Aviator for free or risk your money.

What are the rules and features of the slot machine Aviator for money?

To begin with, what is the slot machine Aviator in general. The project is associated with the aircraft, but more specifically with the difficult work of pilots. Playing in Aviator, you do the job of a pilot who needs to take off as high as possible to earn as much as possible.

The gameplay of the project is built on the reaction of the players. Before the start of the round, players place their bets. Once all bets are accepted, an artificial intelligence predicts the duration of the round and determines the maximum odds at random.

After the start of the flight, the plane moves exclusively upwards, the players' task is to stop the game in time. The end of the round is predetermined by the AI, so there is no way to cheat the system. Players who do not have time to cash out before the end of the round lose and their bet is burned.

The maximum odds during each round are determined absolutely randomly by the AI. It means that if in the course of the current round the maximum odds of winning was x3, the odds of the next round can be x8. The maximum win ratio for the game Aviator is x16.

Unlike most other timed games, the Aviator slot boasts its speed. The moment the game starts, your bet multiplier is 1x. The higher the plane takes off, the higher the bet multipliers and therefore the more you can earn.

To summarize the gameplay aspect of the game, it can be depicted conventionally as follows:

  1. Reserving the bet and starting the round
  2. Taking off the plane and tracking the multiplier
  3. Cash out
  4. Getting the winnings

The game in Aviator is considered one of the most honest on the market. Thanks to artificial intelligence control, no one can predict when the multiplier will stop growing and your money will be irretrievably burned.

One of the features of the title is invulnerability. The slot machine works on the basis of sophisticated AI, which is impossible to predict the decision. Another feature of the project can be considered a long round, because this game does not take a lot of your time.


In what casinos can I find Aviator with the best bonuses?

Given the popularity of playing Aviator for real money, it is not surprising that many players are looking for casinos where this project is officially presented. Understanding your interest, we decided to figure out where to play the most profitable. To do this, we analyzed a considerable list of gaming platforms, and this is what came out of it:

Play Aviator at online casino Pin Up

Play on PinUp

Pin-Up is among the industry leaders. After signing up, Pin Up users have access to a beginner's bonus of +120% on their first deposit, as well as 250 free freespins to try out games that interest you without risk. The Aviator game at Pin-Up is as convenient as any other casino, and with a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, this gaming project may interest you.

Aviator for money at Olimp Casino.

Play on Olimp

Unlike the previous contender, Olimp has a more extensive bonus system for playing Aviator for real money. The game procedure is no different, but Olimp offers new players a first deposit bonus up to 200%. In addition, the casino has an integrated VIP program that allows you to get even more bonuses. Withdrawal of funds, as well as deposit, takes place quite usual method, using bank cards, intermediary services. In this case, all your data is encrypted.

Aviator play Mostbet

Play on Mostbet

To attract players to its service, Mostbet offers +150% to the first deposit for those who visit the service for the first time. In addition, newcomers get 250 freespins, which can be used for free games. The cherry on the cake - convenient methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds, among which there is a cryptocurrency.

The game Aviator 1WIN.

Play on 1Win

Casino Van Vin is in particular demand among players due to its generous bonuses. The project provides +500% on the first deposit, as well as free freespins, the number of which is constantly changing. In addition, the game Aviator is officially represented in the institution, which guarantees the correct operation of all algorithms. In order to start playing at Van Veen, you only need to go through the registration procedure and make your first deposit. Details on how to do this can be found on the casino website.

Aviator game for money 1XBet.

Play on 1XBet

1XBet service is one of the leading gambling market, and for good reason. The platform's website offers a lot of entertainment, including both betting and gambling, including Aviator.

The bonuses of the platform can be called standard. They consist of +150% to the deposit, as well as freespins, the number of which is constantly changing. 1XBet operates on a fully legal basis, which allows the service to offer deposits and withdrawals via Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Aviator at Betano Casino

Unlike its competitors Betano offers a bonus for newcomers not in percentage terms, but in the form of a specific amount. After fulfilling the conditions and making a deposit of a certain amount, you will receive $100 from the service. On the casino website, you can play Betano Aviator by using the convenient search for games. As for the replenishment and withdrawal procedure - players can access both the classic replenishment through bank accounts and depositing via cryptocurrency wallets.

The presented list can be called the best proof of the popularity and success of the game. We have mentioned only the most popular online establishments where the title is presented, in fact, there are much more gambling platforms with Aviator.

How to choose the best casino to play Aviator for real money?

Today there are a lot of projects on the market of platforms where you can play for real money, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The wide range of casinos is often a challenge for players, but there are still ways to choose a gaming platform quickly.

Speaking of how to quickly choose an establishment for a comfortable and profitable game, every player has two ways. The first and easiest way is to go to our website and read the rating of online casinos for real money. We analyze new projects and update the catalog, focusing on the changes of already added playgrounds. Thus, using our website, you can quickly learn about the benefits of playing at this or that online casino for money and make your choice.

The second way is more complicated and time-consuming - it is the analysis of the casino, which you have to do on your own. The list of parameters you should pay attention to when choosing an online site for the game with investments, as follows:

  1. Legality. Despite the fact that the vast majority of casinos are entirely legal, some players come across projects that violate the law. For example, the project may not have a license or be under sanctions. To make sure that the chosen project is completely legal, you need to read the license it provides and check its authenticity with a publicly available registry.
  2. Assortment. Gaming platforms are sites that feature hundreds, if not thousands of games. The greater the selection of assortment of games on the site, the more interesting it will be to play. However, it is not necessary that the online casino for real money that you like offers tens of thousands of games. It's enough that it cooperated with the leading operators and manufacturers. Such cooperation will provide you with a constant flow of interesting, high-quality and, most importantly, honest gambling entertainment.
  3. Availability of different payment services. Choosing an online casino where you plan to play for a long time, it is recommended to look at the range of payment methods it offers. Some establishments do not support cryptocurrency payment, while for others, cryptocurrency is the only way to fund your balance. Keep this parameter in mind before settling on this or that gambling project.
  4. Reviews of players and experts. Focusing on the opinion of players who have already left their money on the project, you can quickly make a first impression of the platform. Attention and comments are worthy and independent experts whose job is to assess the online casino. Armed with their conclusions you will be able to decide whether you like the project is worth the time or not.
  5. Bonuses. The more bonuses and promotions an online casino offers, the more profitable it is to play. Bonuses are often a fundamental factor in choosing a gambling platform, so it's recommended not to overlook them and make them a special accent.
  6. The quantity and quality of entertainment. The fullness of the games catalog is a sure sign of a good casino. The more titles from famous providers offer online institution - the better, because you certainly do not have to get bored in the monotonous slots.
  7. Convenience. Last but not least important parameter is convenience. This parameter is all-consuming, as it refers to the convenience of the site or the casino application, as well as to all actions that are available to players. What your user experience will be depends on this parameter.

The modern directory of online casinos has thousands of projects, and it would be difficult to familiarize yourself with each of them. If you have a lot of free time that you're willing to spend on analysis, the listed parameters will help you.

If you are looking to quickly find a convenient, legal and profitable online gaming platform, then use our rating. There you will find information about current bonuses, special offers and features of the most popular online casinos on the Internet.

Promo codes and bonuses game Aviator.

As with any gambling for real money game Aviator has its own bonuses. In many ways, the range of bonuses during the game depends on which casino you play at. The bonuses of the game usually consist of a coefficient that affects the final winnings.

After the start of each round, the artificial intelligence built into the game chooses a completely random list of bonuses and the trajectory of the plane. Learn what bonuses are waiting for you after winning you can directly during the game. The bonuses most often offered in casinos include:

  • Cashback .
  • One-time bonus to the bet as a percentage.
  • Free game freespins.

In addition to the bonuses listed above, you can access additional rewards with promo codes. If you're interested in getting the most out of your game, check out our website. There you will find promo codes for Aviator and other gambling entertainment on the playground waiting for you.


Crash Game Aviator: The whole truth about the game, schemes, secrets and strategies

The game Aviator has captured the minds of many players, because it successfully combines new technology and good old-fashioned excitement. Considering the number of players that play Aviator every day, it's no wonder that everyone is interested in how the game is structured. For all those interested in the structure of the game where they play for real money, we decided to understand the mechanism of the popular crash game.

What is the algorithm of the game Aviator?

Before each round, the system generates a unique hash, which is a combination of symbols derived from the data entered by players into the system.

To make Aviator an example of fairness, the developer used the popular Provably Fair technology. Its essence is to control the outcome of the game by generating random numbers. The formation of the outcome of the round in Aviator depends on the participants - the game operator and users who have made bets.

An example of the generation of a round:

Server Sid (generated on the server side of the game):
Client Sid (generated on the player side):
Player N1: Mohsen_210401_11242180 Sid: 87CYf6RpWbMbMqRTGKIZq
Player N3: Kahya37 Sid: kbR0mGQRVG3YrxKp0tZX
Combined SHA512 hash (Top sids merged and converted to SHA512 hash. This is the result of the round):
Hex: Decimal: Result:
ee03fc5491ff4 4187214117144516 13.8

A convolution function or Hash is a function that converts an arbitrarily sized input data array into an outgoing bit string of a specific length, executed by an algorithm. Hashing is a conversion executed by a hash function.

A security identifier structure (SID) is a variable-sized construct used to uniquely identify users or groups.

The casino visitor may not even doubt that the combinations of bets were randomly generated by the system. If doubts still arise - can be debunked by clicking on the green icon in the lobby. There you can find out how much other players bet and who won as a result of the round

What is Provably Fair Technology and how does it work?

Provably Fair Technology is designed to make the game as fair and open as possible, where you can check the results in real time. It is based on 3 main technologies:

  1. Sid Generators. Generate personal ID numbers for each player and session that affect the algorithm's result.
  2. Hashing. Converts a lot of individual data into a single encrypted packet (Hash). Works as a unique starting number of the game based on the Provably Fair.
  3. RNG (Random Number Generators). Used to generate game results.

Summarizing these concepts, we can describe the sequence of operation of Provably Fair gaming systems as:

  • The game starts with the generation of a hidden token or sid.
  • Using the sid, the system generates random game results.
  • You can use the initial sid to assess the fairness of the game. 
  • Reasons for the usefulness of PF (Provably Fair) games

There are 3 main benefits of playing Provably Fair:

  1. 100% Transparency: You can always be sure of the integrity of the result, sharing the interests of the player and the casino and reducing to zero the possibility of external influence on the outcome of the game. The hashed data cannot be changed and always corresponds to the results of the bets and the generated outcomes. Thanks to this transparency you can be sure that the results of your bets are absolutely legitimate.
  2. Higher RTP: The RTP of each game affects how likely you are to win. 
  3. Game quality and features: Games are constantly being refined with a greater emphasis on usability, quantity of features and overall quality of the user experience.
    There are already many high quality games that compete favorably with traditional games in a multitude of ways. A wide variety of visuals and themes allows you to enjoy the new experience, and generous bonus offers casino will not leave indifferent even experienced users.


What are the risk allocation tactics in an Aviator game?

There are several ways to spread the risk. One is to bet on conservative bets, that is, bets with a low payout but higher odds of winning. In the case of Aviator, this can be realized by ending the game early as soon as the odds get a little higher than x1. This approach reduces the risk of losing large sums, but also reduces the potential winning amount.

Another approach is to make several more aggressive bets, that is, on bets with a higher payout, but with a lower chance of winning. This strategy can work if you wait for the maximum odds. This strategy is extremely risky, but if you are not limited by your budget - it can bring you a solid win.

Parallel betting scheme

Parallel Betting in Aviator is a betting strategy that allows the player to make multiple bets on the same round. You can implement this method by trying to get into the same lobby from multiple accounts. Fulfilling all the conditions of the strategy you will be able to significantly increase your chances of winning. However, such activities may be prohibited by the rules of the casino.

Martingale strategy for playing Aviator for money

The Martingale strategy is based on doubling your bets after each losing game. In simple terms, the sequence of actions looks like this:

  • The player starts with the minimum bet.
  • After each loss you need to double the bet.
  • As soon as the player wins, he returns his bet to the initial level

This strategy can be effective for players who have enough bankroll to double their bets several times and who play a high return game.

Down strategy for playing Aviator

D'Alamber's strategy, on the other hand, is based on decreasing your bets after each losing game. The step by step instruction looks like this:

  • The player starts with a certain bet.
  • After each loss the bet is reduced by one unit.
  • After each win the bet, on the contrary, increases by one unit
  • Once the player reaches his initial bet, he can start again.

This strategy may be safer than Martingale, but potentially less profitable.

The information about the game Aviator can be taken as a brief introduction, because in fact there are hundreds of different strategies. However, the game has a share of randomness, so there are no guaranteed strategies to win.

Aviator Betting Download for mobile for money


Many casinos offer downloadable Aviator planes app to play from your phone. They also have adapted sites with HTML5 technology. On our site you can download the application and get a quick installation guide.

Leading online casinos, in cooperation with Spribe, offer players to download the Aviator mobile app to their smartphone for convenient play. The download procedure is simple and consists of several steps: registration, downloading the launcher and launching the game. For your convenience, casinos place the .apk file of the game directly on the sites, so you can quickly get the necessary software. Instructions on how to install the APK file of the game looks like this:

  1. Downloading the APK file
  2. Unpacking
  3. Agree to install
  4. Installing the application

Spribe in cooperation with the casino have tried to make it convenient for all players to play on both PCs and smartphones. The app has an adaptive design that makes it userfriendly regardless of your screen diagonal and resolution. Download the application Aviator mobi for Android and iOS, then you can do it both on the website of your chosen platformi, and directly on our website on the page of the game.


Can I trust the game Aviator?

As with any gambling game, those new to the casino world may think that Aviator is trying to cheat them. There are days when you may not win anything, and at such times the paranoia about cheating increases. However, modern online real money games are completely independent of the gambling establishment, the calculation of the results takes place on the operator's server. Thus, the likelihood of fraud is completely excluded.

Speaking about the merits of crash game Aviator for real money, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Artificial intelligence - it makes the game incorruptible, because the result of each round is calculated directly during the round.
  • Interactivity - unlike classic games on the reels, Aviator offers a simple but interesting gameplay that entices players.
  • Profitable odds - Aviator belongs to the category of games where you can earn a lot of money in just a few seconds.

The listed advantages are not the only ones, but they are the ones that attract players. At the same time Aviator, like most other games, has its disadvantages. Usually they call the scheme of work difficult to understand, as well as the short duration of the rounds, but despite this, the game is still in great demand.

How to deposit and withdraw money and winnings when playing Aviator

When you play for real money at an online institution, you are guaranteed to win. Among online users, there are those who come for fun and are willing to spend some money, as well as those for whom the main goal of the game is to win. However, in order to start playing, you need to reserve a certain amount on your deposit.

Most Aviator casinos offer a wide range of methods for making a deposit and further withdrawals. We decided to take apart the most popular of them, and here's what we got:

  • PayPal/Webmoney/UMoney/Qiwi. The system works like any bank account. All you need to do is transfer money from your PayPal/Webmoney/YuMoney/Qiwi account to the selected casino Aviator. Further withdrawal is done in the same way, only now you will need to enter your account number in your personal cabinet and click on the button withdrawal.
  • Trust Wallet. Using an electronic cryptocurrency wallet you can preserve your anonymity. To deposit from Trust Wallet, you only need to specify the bank account of the casino if it supports payment in cryptocurrency. Withdrawing funds is even easier than depositing, because you only need your personal address to transfer tokens to Trust Wallet.
  • MetaMask. If you choose an online casino that supports Ethereum tokens, MetaMask is an excellent choice. This electronic cryptocurrency wallet is convenient and easy to use. Replenishment of deposits in your personal online casino and further withdrawals are made in the same way as with normal credit card and online banking.
  • Visa/MasterCard/Mir. The principle of deposit and further withdrawal using Visa, MasterCard is as simple as possible and does not differ from online shopping. All you need for deposit is the money in your account and the presence of a bank card. Withdrawals from the casino are also simple, as you only need to enter the number of the card you want to send money to.

Other payment and withdrawal methods are not the only ones. Modern casinos offer payments in hundreds of different altcoins. In addition, some gaming platforms support local banking systems, such as Payoneer. To make sure the casino you choose works with your banking or cryptocurrency wallet, check out the deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions.

Crash Games Similar to Aviator

Aviator is definitely a hit that hit the market in 2019 and is still popular. However, what about players who are already bored with Aviatorand want a game with similar mechanics, but in a different visual design or setting? We also asked ourselves this question and came up with the following list of game projects:

  • Jet-X - the game is based on the same mechanics as Aviator, with one exception. In the case of Jet-X you need to pick up your winnings before the plane explodes.
  • Get-X Crash is a replica of Aviator, except for the fact that instead of an airplane you have a rocket.
  • Lucky Jet is based on the same principle as the previous games. The peculiarity is the use of a jetpack instead of an airplane.
  • Zeppelin is a clone of Aviator, where instead of the plane players are offered an airship.
  • Rocket X - the aim of the game is to press the cachet while the rocket, and with it the coefficient, take off into the sky.
  • Space XY - The game is based on the mechanics of Aviator, but here the rocket is under your control.
  • F777 Fighter - the creators of this title made a remark on the mechanics of Aviator, changing the visual aspect of the gameplay.
  • Plinko - a game of luck where players try to win prizes by dropping balls into a set of holes.
  • Bomb Squad - a classic game of skill and logic, where the player must place flags on minefields and avoid being blown up.

Aviator: problems of the game and their solutions

The online gambling market is not without flaws. Previously, players could meet games with various bugs on popular gaming sites, but this is long in the past. Today, artificial intelligence is used to test the games before they are directly added to the catalog of online casinos, which conducts hundreds of thousands of games to identify potential problems.

The Aviator game is constantly being tested, which allowed the developers to keep players from encountering bugs. However, places where the game is presented unofficially may still contain versions that have critical problems. A reliable solution to avoid encountering bugs while playing is to play in a casino where the game is presented officially.

If you encounter a bug while playing - technical support is always available for players. To seek help, just click on the appropriate icon. Typically, the support icon is located in the lower right corner of the site. You can also ask for help from the administration of the casino by email.

Real reviews of players about Aviator

Aviator has captured the minds of many players. To make such conclusions allow players' reviews. It is worth noting that the opinion that leaves behind a game for the most part positive. Players note the exciting gameplay and honesty of the project. Users also mention the nice odds and the fact that each round does not take much time.

As we know - nothing is perfect. In negative reviews, players mention too complex system of interaction and lags during the game. To avoid such lags, we recommend that you use only casinos that officially feature Aviator. This will avoid negative experiences and allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.



The Aviator game is controlled by artificial intelligence, so it is impossible to cheat.

Since the moment to win in each round is generated as soon as the game starts, the only way to win is to play to win.

It is impossible to hack the crash game Aviator, because all the data and calculations related to the game take place on remote servers and are duplicated using special algorithms.

Yes, the size of the bet can affect the odds of winning at Aviator. However, it does not guarantee a win.

The hash combination for the next Aviator round cannot be determined in advance, as it depends on the last round's hash result and the players' sido.

The maximum payout in Aviator depends on the size of the bet and can reach several tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the casino in which you play.